Gratuitous Reality from Japan, 3/11

Just doing what HAD TO BE DONE. As much as the industry now says such things were not needed in any circumstance. Even though industry knows they were.

A series of photos of real people in the shadow of a gaggle of failed reactors. It really happened. The industry cannot enforce amnesia on this lot. All it can do is quote Dr. Goldman.

Fukushima disaster evacuee about to undergo decontamination showering and monitoring. In isolation from her watching father and pet dog. Most domestic pets had to be abandoned in the contamination zone due to the hazard of fallout dust trapped – hard to remove – in their fir. March 2011 Reuters.

While all forms of technology have their up and downsides, the rules of solar and wind and hydro as dictated by peak bodies do not mandate the use of techniques Maralinga veterans are very familiar with.

Japan was just following the edicts of the industry and those edicts actually are not enough. Ask the IAEA and ICRP. They don’t answer my letters, but I read their books.