The 1950’s Promise of Safe Nuclear Powered Cars. What Happened?

Let us save the planet AGAIN say the nukers:

Wow, the world they promised in 1946 rehashed for the 21 century and published by the Brookings Institute in 2014. Compared to the futurism offered by the nuclear elite in 1950s, nothing is different in picture but the badly spent and reactive biosphere. Seeing as CO2 emissions were first identified as a vector for climate change in the 1880s, I have to wonder why the nuclear industry felt entitled to do all it could and can to suppress non fuel renewable energy alternatives. Szilard lodged his patent papers for the fission reactor and the fission bomb processes in London in 1934 :

At that stage the need to cease CO2 releases into the atmosphere by 2050 had 116 years to run. Nuclear technology is pretty old. It still relies on fuel. Which has to be mined, refined, enriched, consumed, stored, cooled, transported, and stored for very long periods of time in a location totally removed from the biosphere. Next post I will see what the IAEA says about that in its reports and what the nuclear industry says about that to the general public. Interesting to compare the pair. Throughout the period since since 1945, the nuclear industry has been shown to have issued an extremely copious amount of crap on the matter. But that’s just my observation. From the early deaths of miners at Radium Hill, to the contamination of ground water by AMDEL uranium processing at Thebarton in Adelaide, that companies air release of processing residue into suburban air – such that the residue was measured in the sludge at the bottom of rain water tanks, to the unfenced uranium tailings ponds at Port Pirie. And that’s just South Australis. In Sydney in the 1970s excess Iodine fission isotopes were found to be present in the soil of suburban home front and back yards. These homes being down wind of the Lucas Hts nuclear reactor. Much to the probable disgust of Mr Heard and Mr Brook, nuclear health scientists considered it mandatory to remove the contaminated garden soil, not just from the backyards but also from the front yards. The soil was soil for many years in 44 gallon drums on the grounds of the reactor. With the opening of the interim low level nuclear waste at Woomera (just behind the instrumented rocket range) the contaminated garden soil was trucked there for storage. It may soon be on the move again.

And so everything I hear a politician say that he or she is “sick and tired of NIBY anti nukers”. When in fact the first NIMBY sayers were nuclear health scientists. Not in their backyard, if it stays there they will get sick and sue us, so move it. ” Apparently, the industry has solved that legal problem. There is rarely any justice for nuclear victims.

Regarding the illustration of Nuclear Lab-coat Guarding the World from Mother Nature’s Wrath, the artiste’s name, Josh Freed, translated into Australian reads “Unimpeded Crap.”
See also: The Jestsons.
Edward Teller in the USA and Ernest Titterton (the Englander with a pretend “She’ll be Right Mate” message about the bombs for Australians – he was the head of the British Bomb Test Safety Committee. Perfectly safe at Maralinga. He said. There was no Black Mist he said. Wrong. There were at least 2 here and more in Nevada) promised their respective populations electricity too cheap to meter and atomic powered cars. (I’ll leave their promises of atomic powered airliners for another time.)

Many people, but not all, lapped it all up. “Give us your tax dollars to build the reactors”. Righto. One cannot actually said “Nope” to the Tax Office with impunity. The British plutonium reactor caught fire. No worries. Stopping the British nuking of Australia. Maybe there is a God. (It’s all so muddled, it’s hard to tell.)

A number of different car makers hit the drawing boards and came up with designs for atomic powered cars. Such as this one:

(Source: “The Arbel Symétric came from a post-war research and development company interested in creative vehicles that saved on fuel….

“A brochure from the era highlights the “Genestatom,” a 40-kW nuclear generator that used a thermal-electric effect to drive a motor with radioactive waste. The nuclear fuel-heating source would only need to be switched out every five years. Among the space-age features on the Symétric were swiveling captains seats and glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent bumpers. Arbel never had the chance to develop their glowing car, the French government wasn’t wild about the idea and the company quickly disappeared in 1959 under a mountain of debt.” Source: Nuclear-powered concept cars from the Atomic Age
A Look Back At The Reactor-Fueled Optimism Of The ’50s and ’60s by
Jul 17th 2014 at 12:31PM

See : and

So sad Toshiba/Westinghouse and GE Nuclear have gone the way of the Arbel nuclear car company. Not. The problems of the nuclear car presented to designers were not mentioned by either Teller or Titterton. It was just futuristic PR crap to them, in order to keep the public on side during the nuclear weapons test era. Which needed a number of reactors, a trained military and populations near and far and everywhere who considered nuclear fallout = Sunshine. As the unit of strontium fallout was called by the Weapons Test Safety Heads. They should have worked for the UN but didn’t. Pity. UNsafe.

Here are a couple of actual problems with the atomic car, plainly known in the 1950s (problems known since prior to the first reactor pile was but in Chicago).

“The Arbel Symétric came from a post-war research and development company interested in creative vehicles that saved on fuel….

“A brochure from the era highlights the “Genestatom,” a 40-kW nuclear generator that used a thermal-electric effect to drive a motor with radioactive waste. The nuclear fuel-heating source would only need to be switched out every five years.” Source: Nuclear-powered concept cars from the Atomic Age
A Look Back At The Reactor-Fueled Optimism Of The ’50s and ’60s, ERIN MARQUIS, 2014

So safe was fresh spent reactor fuel (The main components of nuclear thermal batteries which generate electricity directly by heating two sandwiched panels of dissimilar metals with decay heat. Some of the heat is converted directly into electricity which then drives electric motors. (or in the case of some spacecraft, ion drives in space. And satellite electrical systems in deep space.) that the general public and your friendly car dealer would be able to live with the partial contents of Fukushima’s spent fuel pool number 4 with no worries at all.

Pigs Ribs. Fresh spent fuel rods and in fact actual nuclear thermal batteries are so dangerous that only very very very special people who are trusted more than the Trinity and Gabriel (Google Project Gabriel) by the government and international financiers are allowed anywhere near them. Take a camera up to the fence at the Roxby mine and get arrested. That’s how safe the stuff is.

Yet the promise of the nuclear waste powered car persisted for at least two decades. Even after the bombs stopped being exploded in air. For they still needed reactors to make bombs. The contribution reactors made to world electricity supply was very slight in the 60s. It still is. We have to have them because the nukers promised to save the world from communism. Americans whom disagreed were sent to a thing called the “House Un-American Activities Committee”. Multi Nobel winer LInus Pauling lost his university tenure and access to his passport (he was an American born American). World outcry, including from China was such that the US Government allowed him to travel to Scandinavia to pick up another Nobel Prize, in a different field.

Having made the nuclear run US government look more tyrannical and cruel than the dudes in Beijing, the US government continued to blame Pauling for threatening the peace of the world with his public lectures on the nature of radio strontium. This was in the 60s. Before the atomic car company went broke. Before Toshiba/Westinghouse went broke. Before GE Nuclear went broke.

However Pauling didnt pull information out of thin air or secret texts which normally nukers are only allowed to read.

He got his knowledge about radio strontium from unrestricted books and academic papers generated from 1939 until the mid sixties.

Such as:

No, not secret at all. In the days of Pauling, members of the public in Australia were not allowed inside university libraries. You had to have been a student or a graduate. That changed in Australia in the 70s or 80s. Yet every uni library in the world, including the ones in Moscow and Adelaide got copies. I didn’t obtain my copies of Pecher’s 1930s work until I got a job at a uni (from 1999 until 2005) which gave me access to the state research archive. I was always very busy at lunch time and they had to kick me out at the end of my half time shift. Don’t know why the uni didnt tolerate me working for free. Can’t have a pleb learning stuff off their own bat I suppose. “It’s 1pm Paul, you must leave the premises.” So it took me a while to get all that I needed. I knew what to look for. Because of a previous job and private learning in the intervening decades.

So yes, the powers knew there would ever be an atomic waste powered car. Nor an atomic waste fuelled “Teller Wall” battery powering homes without solar panels.

It was too dangerous. So dangerous that E.O. Lawrence told the atomic bomb committee in 1942 that if the atomic bombs didnt work, reactor slugs could supply enough Strontium 89 (highly active, 52 day half life – perfect for “take and hold” after about 3 years)to be used in easily made bombs sufficient to poison the Japanese water and food supplies. A Doctor by the name of Joe Hamilton was given a contract to find a protective measure for the US population and US troops. He came up with a calcium boosted diet. Drink more milk.

Which was fine until by 1964 the nuclear powers, with help from DuPont and hundreds of others, had contaminated the entire planet’s calcium supply with Sr89 and 90. In very small amounts you can still detect it still. In Florida one doctor got up the noses of the nuclear powers by saying due to reactors venting to air, Sr90 in baby teeth is on the rise again. That was some years ago. Joe Manago I think his name is. Ah, here’s an article on it: Funny, in a dark way, the manner in which the nuclear elite treated the people who reported the findings. It was after all basically the same research method used by the US Atomic Energy Commission in the 1960s. Though they collected and studied baby teeth in secret. It’s only when stuff gets out into the public that the nuclear elite cracks up. Which sort of makes me laugh. In 1973 I was reading English translations of a Soviet nuclear disaster in Ural Mountains. I had to produce a condensed form of part of the story on the orders of my Captain. I left the Army in year. In 1975 nuclear elites around the world, including Titterton here and the British Chief scientist in England hit the papers denying the disasters never ever happened. This was in response to New Scientist publishing two pieces maintaining the disasters did indeed occur.

I was, what, about 20. It wasn’t funny then. It isn’t funny now. The Soviet plant which caused the widespread disasters was based on blueprints of Hansford plutonium plant, USA. The Soviets stole the plans during World War 2. If it could happen in Russia, it could happen anywhere. And so it was that the nuclear elites said the Russian disasters never happened. It would aid the anti war movement, they said, if the truth came out.

Frightening aren’t they? Is nuclear waste safe? Ask Ford what happen to their atomic car of 1958.

Dig this, which is pretty interesting for an event the Western nuclear elite denied ever happened until the collapse of the USSR. Which meant it could be kept secret anymore:

Accession Number : ADA337640
Title : Chronic Radiation Sickness Among Techa Riverside Residents
Descriptive Note : Contract rept.
Personal Author(s) : Kossenko, Mira M ; Nikolayenko, Lidiya A ; Yepifanova, Svetlana B ; Ostroumova, Yevghenya V
Full Text :

Abstract : This report was prepared at the Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine, Chelyabinsk, Russia, under a contractual agreement with the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNAOOl-95-C-0156) and presents a further summary of research data on the deterministic effects in the population exposed to radiation from discharges of radioactive wastes by the Mayak radiochemical facility into the river Techa in the Urals. The first report, Analysis of Chronic Radiation Sickness Cases in the Population of the Southern Urals, was published by the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland (Contract Report 94-1) and provided the exposure conditions, exposure dose assessment, clinical picture of chronic radiation sickness diagnosed in 940 exposed residents, and differential diagnoses of the disease. This report summarizes the data on the dynamics of chronic radiation sickness, analyzes the processes of restoration of disrupted functions, and describes the outcomes of long-term effects.
Subject Categories : Radiobiology

Free download:

Here’s the cover:

1973 was the year I first learned of the Soviet description and diagnosis of Chronic Radiation Sickness. To this day, the West only recognises Acute Radiation Sickness. Yet, in period 1945 to 1954, the Hiroshima doctors who reported the same syndrome of chronic radiation sickness by another name, were ignored by the Occupation Force medicos, military and government. And today the song remains the same. To this day Australian government authorities and the scientists they fund claim that the awful radiogenic disease rate suffered by Australian Nuclear Veterans is not caused by radiation. (DVA, 2006) Further the same alleged experts claim they have no idea what caused this awful nuclear veteran disease rate. BULLSHIT. The Japanese knew from 1945. The Soviets knew from the early 1950s. The West denied the condition and syndrome characteristic from 1945 until today. I have a sound basis in fact for not trusting the nuclear elite. I am not asking anyone to agree with me, believe me or even accept what what I am saying. Think for yourself from the pith of your own soul and make up your own mind. Democracy – use it or loose it.

Gee Whizz, look at this: The Late and satanic OBL would have loved to have gotten his hands on a couple of these. Imagine it. Accident or not. Terrorists and arms dealers. How do you tell them apart? You can’t really. Ask the Saudi Prince.

The war in Yemen still barely rates a mention. How many dead children equals the news worthiness of 1 murdered writer? Millions.

It’s a mad world. And once again the people who said sorry for claiming there were no radiation effects suffered at Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Groves and the New York Times, 1945), sorry for 3 Mile Island, sorry the Human Radiation Experiments (google the ACHRE report and The Plutonium Files), sorry for all the death and disease from 1945 until 2001 which had all been suppressed (The US Secretary for Energy), sorry for Karen Silkwood (the nuclear fuel industry), sorry for using stolen body parts for Project Sunsine (the governments of USA, Britain, Australia and others), sorry for using stolen body parts from deceased children, nuclear workers and nuclear veterans in the UK in the 1990s (British Nuclear Fuel Limited, see the British Redfern report), sorry for contaminating the beaches adjacent to Windscale/ Sellerefield /Seascale and elsewhere (now bankrupt) (The UK government) government), sorry for Linus Pauling, the Marshall Islands, the people of the Australian bomb test lands, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Mayak, etc etc etc -these same people want to save the world AGAIN!!

Let’s quote President Bush the younger “Fool me once and good on you. Fool me twice and yea, you must be a friggin’ genius and I’ll therefore follow you to hell. But we won’t be coming back like Audie Murphy did.”