Is Glyphosate a Radiomemetic chemical?

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“The Spermine Phosphate-Bound Cyclooctaoxygen
Sodium Epigenetic Shell of Euchromatin DNA is
Destroyed by the Epigenetic Poison Glyphosate”
Andreas J. Kesel 1,*, Eduard A. Struys 2 and Barbara Cellini 3
1 Chammünsterstr. 47, D-81827 München, Bavaria/Bayern, Germany
2 Metabolic Unit, Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital Vrije Universiteit, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3 Dipartimento di Neuroscienze, Biomedicina e Movimento, Sezione di Chimica Biologica, Università degli Studi di Verona, 37134 Verona, Italy
* Correspondence:; Tel.: +49 (0)89-453 64 500

Partial quote from conclusion: “We allow us to conclude on basis of our, rather unequivocal, findings that glyphosate, ROUNDUP® and AMPA are major examples of slow-acting, insidious ‘epigenetic poisons’, (i) slowly eroding and detoriating human, animal and plant genomic integrity, (ii) rattening human, animal and plant inborne protection of hereditary information against mutation, and (iii) disturbing the processing of human, animal and plant genetic information by transcription. It is hence inevitable for us to define glyphosate, ROUNDUP® and AMPA as a significant threat for human, animal and plant genomic stability, especially for future human generations forced to live under the glyphosate-, ROUNDUP®- and AMPA-induced radiomimetic effects.” end quote. (Source: Kesel et. al. as above)

The radiomemetic chemicals (chemicals which interact with human cells in the same manner as ionising radiation) were identified in WW2, with mustard gas being positively identified as such as a result of Bari Incident. This laid the foundation for the first generation of chemotherapy agents. Other chemicals identified as radiomemetic include dioxin, and the herbicides 2.4T and 2,4,5 T

Although profound evidence shows that the effects of a combined doses of radiomemetic chemicals and ionising radiation are synergistic and not not merely additive, nuclear authorities continue to refuse to admit radiomemetic chemicals render humans far more vulnerable to doses of ionising radiation.

Radiomemetic Mustard Gas: Patients in the cancer ward of the Bari hospital experienced remission in many cases following the explosion at Bari. and: “”They learned about the medical effects from toxic exposures of servicemen, both the unintentional from a wartime disaster in Bari, Italy, and the intentional in the mustard gas experiments conducted at military and civilian facilities, including medical schools. Their interdisciplinary research produced an enormous amount of data on the health effects of mustard agents on animals and humans. However, the military heritage of cancer chemotherapy is not common knowledge because of longstanding government secrecy regarding chemical weapons research.” (source: “War What is i good for? Mustard Gas, by Mustard gas medicine
Susan L. Smith, PhD, at the link given above.


Australian Senate Notice Paper Question No 396 Publication Date: 20 August 2002
Hansard: Pages 3374-6
Defence: Chemical Weapons Testing
Senator: Allison
Senator Allison asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 25 June 2002:

“With reference to the document recently released by the department, ‘Chemical Warfare Testing Sites (File No. A6456 R8216/10)’, written by a joint Australian/United States (US) survey team on suitable sites within Australia for chemical and biological weapons tests:

“Was this series of tests an extension of research on: (a) decontamination of water supplies containing nerve gas, carried out at Maralinga in 1959; (b) mustard gas tests, held on Brooks Island in 1944; and (c) malaria trials.”

The Senator was given an answer in the negative. However, I refer to the documents held at , entitled “Index of documents held by Ann Munslow-Davies for the research into the Australian/British nuclear tests [electronic resource]” Among the government authored documents held Anne’s collection, at least one, from memory, implies mustard gas, as I recall from my reading of the document, being found to have been dissolved in the drinking water at Maralinga.

Yes folks, they know all about the radiomemetic chemicals. And continue to ignore them.

Fairly interesting.

“ANNE MUNSLOW-DAVIES, RESEARCHER NUCLEAR VETERANS ISSUES: They were concealed in a person’s back shed in Perth and for me to find these documents – it had on the title “‘Operation Lighthouse’ – pertaining to Maralinga” was like, “Oh, wow, what have I got here?”

GEOFF HUTCHISON: Anne Munslow-Davies, herself a daughter of a nuclear veteran, has found a staggering new plan for Maralinga which would intensify testing and use more people.

“ANNE MUNSLOW-DAVIES: What I would really like to see in those documents is the records from the Maralinga hospital.

To date, they have never been found and no-one knows their whereabouts.

PETER WEBB: But every now and again, when something comes up like this, Peter Webb comes up and says, “Hey!

I’m still here, I’m still alive, I’m still breathing’. What are you going to do about it?”

I still get the same answer – “Nothing, bugger off and die,” and that’s the sad part.” source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, TV PROGRAM TRANSCRIPT
Broadcast: 21/05/2001
Secret documents detail plan to use servicemen in atomic tests
Reporter: Geoff Hutchison

My partial transcription:

The document in question, which strongly suggests, to say the least, the service personnel were exposed to drinking water tainted with mustard gas remains, I believe, among the documents held at Australian National University and available here:

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