Power too Cheap to be Accountable

Source: “The Australian” newspaper, 12 April 2018, page 6, Sian Powell, science writer:

“A top secret operation to send spent radioactive fuel rods from Australia’s nuclear reactor to France for reprocessing is planned for the coming months.

Potentially involving hundreds of state and Federal police, the details of the transport operation will remain confidential until after the shipment arrives at La Hague, in northern France. ….

“The route, the port, the time and the ship as well as the number of security personnel will remain confidential until after the mission is completed…

“The ….fuel rods will be packed into an undisclosed number of immensely tough lead and stainless steel transport casks for the journey to France.

“These casks are purpose engineered to safely transport this type of material without risk to people or the environment,” said the manager of the multi-purpose OPAL reactor at Lucas Heights, Dave Vittorio. “Even a jet plane strike could not penetrate them.” The total cost of the project is $45 million.

end quote.

“Even a jet plane strike could not penetrate them”: quote from an average reactor expert.

If I wrote to Mr Vittorio and asked him how many minutes of accurate fire from an A-10 ground attack jet plane a transport cask would withstand until its integrity was breached, the answer would not be in month, years or decades, it would be in seconds and fractions of a second. No doubt.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjRqbOOq_pk and

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHv50lXfDHQ “The A-10 Thunderbolt “Warthog” aircraft is built around the GAU-8 Avenger gun, a 30mm Gatling-type cannon capable of firing 70 rounds per second. Take a look…. the “Gun” fires projectiles made of a lightweight aluminum body, cast around a smaller caliber depleted uranium penetrating core, and is lethal against tanks and all other armored vehicles.”

Hmmm. I guess Mr Vittorio hasn’t heard of this either: https://patents.google.com/patent/US6389977 “Description
The present invention relates to aerial bombs, that is, bombs dropped from aircraft, and more particularly, to aerial bombs for penetrating hard targets.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtAThLpxmxw SU-25 Frogfoot-Ground Attack Aircraft-Russian Air Force, Belarusian Air Force, Ukrainian Air Force-Single seat close support aircraft-Russian Forces nicknamed it Grach (Rook). Mr Vittorio doesn’t appear to know about this either.

“The present invention provides a bomb having an improved penetrating warhead, that is, a warhead that more deeply penetrates a protected target, however, the bomb is substantially identical in aerodynamic and mass properties to a qualified bomb. As a result, the bomb of the present invention may be readily qualified by similarity of function to the existing bomb for use on an aircraft. In addition, if desired, the bomb of the invention can use existing guidance packages available for the qualified bomb….

“The penetrating body 24 includes a case formed of a hard, dense material, such as steel, tungsten, or depleted uranium. The penetrating body 24 is narrower than the case of the emulated bomb to provide a smaller cross sectional area.” end quote.

Oh well, What would Mr Vittorio know about such things. He is just manager of a reactor. Obviously he does not comprehend what’s possible outside of his field.

Impervious to a jet aircraft strike. What sort of dickheads run reactors anyway?

When is the next war going to be Mr. Vittorio, or don’t you know? Do you have sufficient foresight for the undertaking???