Dedicated to the Dude at Fukushima Syndrome

We live in a cusp between technologies. The esoteric today is tomorrow’s conventional.

No amount of optimistic revisionism will successfully hide the short comings of technologies held by people to be inconsequential when such people are in fact the Luddites of both today and tomorrow.

Why boil water with 26 different types of university degrees, a process which generates nuclear waste no user nation really wants to store. The world is seriously considering exported to my home, South Australia, for storage for the next 100,000 years ? This is madness. There are no NPPs in Australia.

The proposed HLNW dump is smack bang to the immediate north of one of South Australia’s food bowls.

The whole globe really expects us to mind its nuclear sewerage for the next 100,000 years? How stupid do you think we are?

In all sincerity I say to the proponents of this mad plan – please Fuck off, Yankee go home.

Is that clear or shall I repeat it?