Dr. Goldman’s inability to communicate with the Public.

source link: https://ehss.energy.gov/ohre/roadmap/histories/0468/0468toc.html

Document: DOE/EH-0468

Program: DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments


Oral History of Radiation Biologist
Marvin Goldman, Ph.D.


Conducted December 22, 1994

United States Department of Energy
Office of Human Radiation Experiments
September 1995


Quote: “Goldman: I’m terribly upset as an educator and as a radiation scientist that this isn’t put in perspective. It’s like everything else on the planet. If you abuse it, you have bad consequences. If you don’t abuse it, it could be beneficial. But in this case, the second part to that sentence [is lacking]. The word “radiation” is negative.”

Hefner: “What would it take to put it in perspective?

Goldman: “It would [require that] the public understand this quantitative dose-effect relationship, and I don’t have the confidence that our public has a sufficient scientific background, that they’re going to believe anything.

“Secondly, there is a seriously increasing amount of distrust and fear of science-somehow or other that we are all “mad” scientists. We don’t have scientific heroes, we have basketball heroes; I don’t know why we don’t have scientific heroes. There have been a lot of people who have done wonderful things, but they’re always on page 15 of the newspaper when they get their science medal or the Nobel Prize. I got the [AEC’s] E.O. Lawrence Award, a very high, prestigious award-it got written up in my newspaper, “Obscure Scientist Wins Government Recognition,” and that’s it. I’m not looking for publicity, I’m just saying that [when] we don’t respect scientists, [we’re saying] that somehow or other we’re some bad guys, and this is negativeness about science.” end quote.

Poor Marvin. He’d be the world’s greatest salesman.  But for the fact that vast swathes of taxpayers refuse to buy his product.  And it’s not his fault. It is our fault.

According to him.


Say No to Nuke. It is a threat to democracy.

Oh, if only we understood him.  If only we understood what he wanted us to, we would say yes to nukes.

According to him.

If every other industry had the same entitlement to force its products onto consumers, this would be the Soviet Union.

Marvin does not trust the general public to decide in his favor. The self fulfilling prophecy he  creates results in a gift from him to us. A flywheel of labels calling us names. You sad, sad man Marvin.

In 1992 he was still denying an excess of thyroid cancer existed in the Chernobyl effected cohort.