Thyroid cancer in Fukushima children – September 2014 results

This post, like the previous post, is taken in full from Nelson’s website. Next post I will provide documentary evidence that Dr Yamashita (first head of the health survey) and Dr Suzuki (current head) deviate in their statements from pre 3/11 medical papers which give the latent period for childhood thyroid cancers. The 4-5 years given by these people and by Fukushima Medical University as an organisation is a minority opinion not found in the pre disaster international peer reviewed papers, not even in papers authored by the famed Dr. Yamashita, who, post Fukushima, appears to disagree with his own pre Fukushima learned papers.

26 cases Thyroid cancers confirmed and 32 suspected

Nov 14, 2013Nelson SurjonCHILDREN 子供14

26 cases Thyroid cancers confirmed
32 more suspected cases
58 innocent children

Following the last results published in July 2013 on thyroid cancers for Fukushima children “The inconvenient Truth” , I was awaiting anxiously the results of the latest examination of thyroid cancers which are usually published every trimester by the prefecture. So here it is in numbers;

Total number of children examined as of September 30th, 2013 : 289,960

classified A1 – 121,525 no nodules or cysts found
classified A2 – 102,453 with nodules of 5.0 mm or smaller and cysts of20.0 mm or smaller
classified B -1558 with nodules of 5.1 mm or more or cysts of 20.1 mm or more
classified C – 1 requires immediate need for further examination

Additional tests include a more detailed thyroid ultrasound, blood tests and urine tests.

1,559 children are eligible for further testings
1148 already have gone through more examination
897 additional tests were completed

During a press conference, no information was given on the details of the cancers, such as the presence of lymph node metastases or types of surgery performed. 27 of those have had surgery to remove the tumor. One was found to be benign and 26 were classified as papillary cancers. .

The infamous Shinichi Suzuki, head of the Fukushima Medical University and who is also in charge of this MASS EXPERIMENTATION taken place on 2 million residents of the prefecture, stated that this study was initiated to establish a database on thyroid illnesses in Japan, because “there are no such epidemiological data” available before 311.

Remember 2012, when 42% children in the prefecture showed thyroid abnormalities within the prefecture? They conducted three quick surveys on a small score of children in Aomori, Yamanashi and Nagasaki prefectures, which revealed that half of the children also showed some types of thyroid anomalies. (Many experts are still debating about the veracity of the data and methodology used in these surveys). The government and the FMU used these results to again minimize the Fukushima survey, as far as saying that these “abnormalities” prevailed in Japanese genetics.

Which brings us right back at the Thyroid screening in Fukushima;

“If these cancer cases were indeed screening effects, similar malignancy would have to be expected in other parts of Japan. As for the thyroid survey conducted by the Ministry of Environment in Aomori, Yamanashi and Nagasaki Prefectures, widely recognized as a comparison study, no cancer data is available from the cases of thyroid ultrasound abnormalities detected. Also it is not age- and gender-matched, and there is a question about the possibly uneven quality of ultrasound examination itself between the two studies. The MOE spokesperson indicated that abnormal cases are undergoing further examination, and more data might become available for comparison.”

In one of my previous post, I had mentioned about another survey on children’s thyroid, this time in Miyagi prefecture, which revealed that only 13,3% were diagnosed with some abnormalities.

13.3% abnormalities in Miyagi

but Fukushima at 44% is safe because

57% in three pre selected cities outside of FUKUSHIMA
So why no thyroid cancers were diagnosed in there surveys done outside of Fukushima ?

Numbers don’t add up … far off as a matter of fact.

This rapid and worry-some increase in thyroid cancers is carried out under the assumption that the effects of radiation exposure would only become apparent at least 4 to 5 years after initial exposure , as it was the case after the Chernobyl accident .
Increase after 5 years – A fabricated LIE

Let’s not rewrite history. Many have claimed that Russians were better in managing their Nuclear catastrophe and took better steps to protect their citizens. It isn’t so, perhaps with the exception of evacuating areas that would accumulate over 5 mSv/y vs the current Japanese whooping 20 mSv/y. Beside that, their response was pretty much the same than our current situation with Fukushima. One quick example, in Japan, they push children into outdoors activities in contaminated places, while back in 1986, the Communist bureaucrats, lying and covering up, sent their children out of Kiev, while ordering the city to march in the deadly dust on May Day.

There was so much corruption at the time and the enemy was not radiation; it was America. The thing they were worried about was covering their deadly mistake, not gathering precious data on some poor children no cared for to begin with. No one cared about the children’s health, nor they knew how wide radiation had spread at the time. They did not have an advanced screening methodology and no officials surveys were conducted for at least 3 years. The international community appealed to President Gorbatchev and forced him to start monitoring the health of these innocent victims. It is safe to assume that no serious thyroid screenings were conducted before 1990. So how in the world would we know when an increase in thyroid cancers occurred ? !!!

For every cover ups, a solid fabricated lie is needed. In the case of the thyroid cancers in Fukushima, the corrupt Japanese medical corp must cover its track. In this particular case, Dr Suzuki and his gang are hiding behind that “5 years” lie.

Science is not for sale

There are a few doctors and scientists that are starting to debunk Suzuki’s blatant lie;

Dr. Akira Sugenoya (thyroid specialist who spent 5 years operating thyroid cancers on Chernobyl children)

The doctors in Fukushima say it should not be coming out so soon, so it cannot be related to the nuclear accident. But that’s very unscientific and we cannot accept that.

Dr Minoru Kamata (Internal Medicine – Japan Chernobyl foundation)

The Fukushima Health Investigation automatically declared that it was unrelated to the nuclear accident. That attitude is wrong for a doctor or a scientist.

Dr Matsue (50 yrs experience in Cancer Institutes – Radiation specialist who just came out of retirement to open an independent clinic in Fukushima)

Its going to look like Chernobyl … you know in Chernobyl, there were cases of Leukemia, but also Heart diseases … and there were a lot!

Dr Yablokov in his book ” Chernobyl consequences of the catastrophe for people and the environment”

It appears much earlier … not after 10 years , but already after 3
It develops into a much more aggressive form
It affects not only children but adults at the time of irradiation

It is wrong to think that this type of cancer is easily curable surgically. Although in most cases it is curable by surgery, in a third of cases, the cancer continues to grow after surgery.

n every single case of surgical treatment and without exception, the patient remains disabled for life , entirely dependent on drugs.

Finally, we must consider the fact that thyroid cancer is only the tip of the iceberg of radio -induced conditions of the body.

For each cancer cases, there are hundreds of other thyroid diseases, which also affect its operation.

Of course, the authorities and the FMU staff will also argue that such increase is due to the fact they are “looking” for these symptoms

If we find more cancers , it is not because there are more , it is because we have acquired better science to find them.

Between 1 case per 1 million and 26 per 300,000 , there is a line that can not explain the improvement of the equipment and the experience of sonographers.

Propaganda and lies aside, doctors are still mis-diagnosing children all over the prefecture. Parents are getting angrier and distrust in the Medical Corp is rising rapidly. So much that the physicians of the Fukushima Health Service recently apologized publicly for the 390 mistakes they made in the last five studies.

Rumors are intensifying about other illnesses too. Nose bleeds, diarrhea, extreme fatigue and dizziness, brittle nails, leukemia, heart failure and even cardiac arrests.

Out of 210,000 patients, 70,000 children and some adults develop also obesity, hyperglycemia, diabetes and depression. This certainly is also caused by a lack of outdoor exercise, as many children are still confined to their house and are only able to play outside for 30 minutes a day.

So in one hand, we have natural incidence of childhood cancer which is 1 to 3 cases per year per million children.

In the other, you have 58 out of 290,000 children. That is 26 for 100,000 children per year.

You do the math … I did.

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Source; Vivre Apres Fukushima, and Fukuleaks

Special thanks to Mark Willacy – Foreign Correspondent