British Government attempts to pay off nuclear veterans with lies and deceipt

Email from Dennis Hayden, British Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association

Fissionline – the Bulletin of Nuclear Test Veterans and Children
Dennis Hayden
To Anna Soubry MP Minister for Veterans
4 Jul
Forwarded for information to undisclosed recipients internationally . This follows copy of email circulated originally on July 02 , 2014 . Amended comment follows below by the Action Executive of the Combined Veterans’ Forum International on Issue number 23 of Fissionline – the Bulletin of Nuclear Test Veterans and Children .[ Attached ] .

This Bulletin and back copies are available free on request from . More details on this is given in the post scriptum below .

To : Anna Soubry PM , Outgoing Minister for Veterans .

Copy : Undisclosed recipients internationally .

Dear Minister and all undisclosed recipients ,

Enclosed is copy of Fissionline No 23 which, as regular readers internationally will find, makes the usual interesting reading of what is actually happening with regard to the nuclear test veterans ! This edition contains more truthful information that you , as another outgoing Minister for Veterans , have been misled by officials to deny .

At last we are able to see exactly where the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association Charity campaign “ going forward together”, launched by their Chairman in 2010, has led the vast majority of nuclear test veterans and widows who are seeking real and meaningful justice.

After meetings, many held covertly and behind closed doors , between the BNTVA Charity leadership , their patron John Baron MP and the Ministry of Defence , Fissionline reveals just how far the nuclear veterans campaign for truth and justice in litigation and tribunals has been deliberately undermined. Fissionline 23 [ attached ] reveals the BNTVA have undermined the quest for truth and justice to the point of capitulation and humiliation.

Fissionline reports how , in 2012 without consultation with all who participated in the UK nuclear weapon test experiments , the BNTVA charity begged £8,500 ex-gratia payments for some 3,500 veterans . The charity proposed this sum to be paid in “recognition” only , without any admission of liability , in exchange for a pledge to cease the campaign of litigation for compensation , truth and justice by veterans and widows . This in fact was an appeasing bail- out of government liability considering well over 20,000 loyal servicemen from UK and several thousands from the Commonwealth took part in these experiments and many have since died prematurely or suffer radiation linked ill health and their children have been genetically damaged .

The BNTVA Charity in fact had absolutely no mandate at all to enter into such covert negotiations without the consent of all who participated in the nuclear test experiments in the UK and abroad .The fact they did only suited the government . Of course, the only way such an act of betrayal and appeasement like this can take place is behind closed doors and without consultation with all involved in legal action and pension tribunals .

However , thanks to the official minutes of the 2012 meeting released to Fissionline , under freedom of information laws , the ex-gratia payments begged for nuclear test veterans was , at the appeasing suggestion of the charity , not to be paid from Ministry of Defence funds but shockingly from the UK overseas aid budget allocated for the world’s starving, poor and under privileged .

This negative attitude possibly had its genesis at the Parliamentary Inquiry of Nuclear Veterans in 2007 when BNTVA chairman John Lowe astounded many present, including representatives of the CVFI , when he sowed the seeds of the undermining legal process by saying he would be happy if the government gave him £10,000 . As previously noted, the BNTVA chairman later admitted he had been prevented, by the current patron of the charity John Baron MP , from asking most of the questions he had prepared for this Inquiry which was conducted over two days and excluded a full discussion of the Rowland study showing elevated genetic damage in UK nuclear test participants . A discussion of Rowland was on the Inquiry’s agenda for the second day but was substituted instead by government scientists talking about the 1980’s and 90’s biased and significantly flawed NRPB studies that included no cytogenetic blood analysis but only statistical information from death certificates .

This capitulation by begging bowl of the BNTVA to the Ministry of Defence and government , as a substitute for real meaningful justice for nuclear test veterans and families , asks the question why should the world’s poor pay for the irresponsibility , inhumanity and unaccountability of the MoD and government’s deliberate use of loyal servicemen as guinea pigs during the nuclear weapon test experiments ?

It was not the poor of the world who sent veterans , without protective clothing , and ordered them to inhale and ingest the fall out at these locations over many months . It was not the poor of the world who ignored the genetic damage done to these loyal servicemen who participated in these experiments which has been passed to their children and grandchildren . It was Ministry of Defence and government scientists who oversaw these experiments . Therefore in an open and honest democracy it is an ethical and moral obligation that the government should settle the issue of claims for accountability and responsibility not by robbing aid to the world’s poor .

We will have to wait until the middle of Summer for the results of the latest pension appeal tribunal cases which are being heard at the moment . But to date over 90% of these are denied .

Meanwhile , the investigative reporting of Fissionline ( the bulletin for nuclear veterans revealing actually what is happening ) has put a spanner in the works of the campaign of the BNTVA charity and its patron , John Baron MP . The covert talks behind closed doors ‘going forward together’ with the Ministry of Defence have yet again , as many predicted , hit the brick wall of long running cover up and denial of the science .

The BNTVA campaign of appeasing the MoD is not working . This campaign had no hope of success from its inception in 2010 . Politicians, like yourself , are still being hoodwinked by officials and scientific evidence still continues being denied . The supine weakness and collusion displayed by the BNTVA charity has resulted in the MoD slamming the door in their faces at least three times since 2010 and will continue to do so . This is because the MoD have only been talking to veterans who have no real concern for, or understanding of , the truth .

The BNTVA’s campaign is not working for the simple reason it lacks openness , honesty and full support of nuclear test veterans and their families in the UK and abroad . The film the charity have produced will be ignored by government as they have ignored all evidence and other films since the mid-1980’s . The film may raise funds for the charity and short term public awareness but the message will be ignored by the Ministry of Defence and un- elected officials pulling the strings of politicians who, like yourself , are quickly ‘reshuffled’ before the truth becomes an inconvenience to any who have a conscience .

There is no need for the BNTVA to have acted in such a humiliating way. By ignoring radiation damage to health which is now self – evident and ignoring the science of causation this charity is treated with contempt by the government as the subservient and begging fools they have become . The vast majority of veterans, who the BNTVA charity disingenuously purport to represent, prefer to fight on for truth, justice and an honourable settlement of claims rather than capitulate to begging for charity .

David Cameron , has recently attempted to overcome the paralysis of what many regard as the undemocratic club of the European Union .Every credit should be given to the Prime Minister for his attempt to overcome a major obstacle to the UK’s best interests . The EU is considered worthy of reform as an organisation by the Prime Minister and the majority of the electorate because it conducts most of its business by unelected bureaucrats and by stealth behind closed doors .

The treatment of nuclear test veterans and their families is also decided by unelected officials at the MoD by stealth behind closed doors and all the Prime Minister and other ministers are able to repeat is the disingenuous mantra : “ The government is grateful for the service given by nuclear test veterans during the cold war but the veterans were not exposed to any radiation at nuclear test fall out locations etc .”

For undisclosed copied addressees please note this same disingenuous mantra has been again reported in the press [ ITV 2nd July – PM formally recognises plight of the nuclear test veterans as compensation campaign steps up] . This has caused some misguided excitement amongst some veterans and the press. The Prime Minister has only repeated again what he and other ministers have said many times :

“ this government absolutely recognises and is extremely grateful to all who participated in the nuclear testing programme etc ”

and promised his officials [i.e . those enforcing policy at the UK MoD against nuclear veterans interests ] will look again at the specific points of the arguments and he promised to get back with an answer .

The situation is unchanged and even if a benevolent fund arose without an apology and admission on liability this would not be compensation or a just and honourable settlement of claims .

The MoD and government have lied in all their dealings to date with the nuclear veterans . Their track record shows this is not likely to change . The nuclear veterans and widows know the truth . The vast majority of the public are aware of the truth . The truth will not go away because genetic damage has been passed to the veterans children and grandchildren , it is as simple as that .

On the date of the anniversary of the independence of the United States please note that the US government , to their credit , compensates their armed forces personnel, including ours , who attended US nuclear test fall out locations. Added to this the US government is now beginning to compensate US citizens who inhaled and ingested fall out downwind of mainland US nuclear weapon test experiments .

The report [ page 3 of Fissionline 23 ] by Archie Ross , ex- RAF and Director, Homeland Regions of Fissionline , which comments on your ’reshuffle’ as outgoing MoD Minister for Veterans , is summed up by him as “ you continue to turn a blind eye [ to the genetic damage of my daughter ] as you climb the greasy pole , as indeed have all your colleagues before you . None of you appear to be in the job long enough to find out what is really going on . That is our misfortune and your shame . I hope you can live with yourselves .”

As another outgoing Minister for Veterans , like many before you , you probably will continue to live with yourself . However , let your successor be assured of this : despite the best efforts to bury the truth by unelected MoD officials , loyal servicemen and their families who have been betrayed are not the ‘push over’ the MoD may have led you and others to believe as a result of dealing with the BNTVA charity , its patron and trustees in isolation since 2010 .

Revelations both scientific and political of the past few years have in fact given fresh impetus to the nuclear veterans campaign for justice here and abroad which will not go away until a just and honourable settlement of our claims is made . As time progresses our resolve only gets stronger .

With regards to you to all recipients of this email ,

For the Action Executive
Ken McGinley and Dennis Hayden
Combined Veterans’ Forum International

Post Scriptum :

If any recipient of this email wishes to keep up with the truth of what is happening with regard to the Nuclear Test Veterans and Families the on- line Bulletin Fissionline , an independent newspaper with no political affiliation, can be downloaded free by contact

Back copies of this Bulletin are also available on request . From a standing start in little over one year Fissionline has over 10,000 and growing readers internationally .

By the way , freedom of information questions seeking the truth from government agencies are increasingly referred to by UK ministers and officials as “vexatious” .This is because ministers do not like to answer nuclear veterans questions with the truth but instead by denial , obfuscation and factually misleading statements . This is a clear indication that the information sought by nuclear veterans is regarded by the establishment as best kept from public knowledge because ministers continue to live in fear of the truth of radiation damage to human health and its causal link of low dose , low level radiation inhalation and ingestion and the genetic damage passed to future generations . [ See also page 2 of Issue 23 “ World Top Radiation Expert Backs Rowland”.)
This is a Combined Veterans’ Forum International [ CVFI ] open email release in support of Fissionline’s Campaign for Justice and in support of the editorial staff of Fissionline and all nuclear veteran Directors of Fissionline . As stated in Issue 20 and earlier issues of Fissionline , nuclear test veterans and widows expect an apology from government, the setting up of a full judicial inquiry into the government’s handling of the nuclear test veterans’ claims since the mid-1980’s and a just and honourable compensation scheme at least on a par with that offered by every other nuclear power . Nothing else will do because the government rightly expects loyalty from members of the armed forces but loyalty is a two way covenant. The Prime Minister promised before the 2010 election to enshrine a covenant into law but this has been reneged upon. The treatment of nuclear test veterans, their widows and genetically damaged children in particular is a national disgrace unworthy of any responsible democracy .

Please feel free to pass this email to anyone with an interest in this subject . This open email on behalf of the CVFI Action Executive is released on 04.07.2014 without prejudice to current or future litigation. Legal adviser to the CVFI is Ian Anderson , Advocate and Attorney at Law ( New York ) .