Lessons from Fukushima : Dr Majia Holmer Nelson

” Lessons From Fukushima: Governments and the Media Will Deceive the Public andWithhold Vital Information, Leaving Citizens to Create Informal InformationSharing NetworksThis presentation will demonstrate that the Japanese and U.S. Governmentswithheld vital information from their citizens about the direction and risks of Fukushima radiation plumes and the degree and consequences of radioactivefallout. Second, the presentation will demonstrate that the mainstream newsmedia, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, were complicitin hiding information about fallout levels, dispersion, and plant conditions. TheU.S. media are commonly recognized as more independent from government thanJapanese media. This disaster demonstrates that the U.S. mainstream news mediacensor information, even when public safety is at issue. Finally, this presentationexamines the spontaneous creation of information sharing sites and thesubsequent development of a robust network of citizen-supported informationsites in Japan and the United States.” Abstract, Dr Majia Holmer Nelson

This Power point presentation is a wonderful and enlightening work which explains in an expert and coherent manner the process of deception. A deception which is aimed by nuclear authorities at protecting the interests of those authorities.

In Australia, a study of the British Nuclear Tests reveals a similar process. For instance, a study of the suppression of the contrary view as proposed by Marston.

Globally, the Tobacco industry comes to mind as an entity that used a very similar process.

In fact I have been wracking my brains for months trying to remember the advertising specialist who worked both for big tobacco and nuclear polluters. Can’t recall it.

On tobacco, the role of polonium as a cancer initiator vectored to the body by cigarette smoke is an important topic. The study of cancer and cigarettes has relevance to nuclear pollution. In the modern world there is rarely, in terms of chronic exposure, a single agent insult. Synergistic interactions likely lead to profound effects which are poorly predicted by current single agent models. imo.

As such, the decades of human disease caused by tobacco and polonium in cigarette smoke is in effect, a long term study into the effects of long term polonium uptake by humans. The medical database and acknowledged causal link between cancer and cigarette smoke needs only one thing: A study to determine the contribution to disease made by polonium. Given the hundreds of toxins in cigarette smoke, this may be difficult.

None the less, the cocktail of insults which results from smoking is an analogue for our synthetic environment in the wake of Fukushima and other, local nuclear and chemical emissions.

90 percent of smokers do not get lung cancers. They die of other tobacco related illnesses. The diseases caused by cigarette smoke are not limited to cancer.

The cigarette/polonium deception is no different in its essence to the fallout deceptions which have repeatedly been forced upon the world.

There was a time when “scientific” papers produced by or funded by, big tobacco were held in esteem by the learned community. That time is passed and now the utterances on behalf of big tobacco by “experts” are greeted with nearly universal scorn by both experts and lay people.

So it will be, one day, that people will discuss the many decades of documented lies foisted upon the world by nuclear “authorities”. Those documents of lies will elicit scorn and condemnation rather than controversy in the decades ahead for the truth will be abundantly plain by then. The exclusive right to comment claimed by nuclear industry is being eroded with every passing day.

Collectively, nuclear industry is no different to Philip Morris P/L. It has the same axe to grind.

Majia’s analysis also contributes something extra which is completely lacking in the mass media’s narrative of Fukushima. A coherent, inter-related narrative of the time span of events.Predictable from history. Whereas, the industry would have it that each deceptively described crisis was discrete, unique, unforeseeible, and harmlessly resolved.

The truth is that the seeds of the Fukushima Diiachi event were predicted as early as the 1960s. The facility was built in the 70s never the less, and in a slap to the face of humanity, TEPCO decided, as an economy measure, to locate the emergency generators down in the basements, along with the electrics and control panels.

That is not dumb, its criminal. One of many such acts.

I believe that the secrecy provisions within the Atomic Energy Act 1954, as currently amended, and associated US legislation, effectively enforced censorship upon the world media. The US Law states that “special nuclear material” produced during the production of civil nuclear energy is subject to the secrecy provisions. Other legislation controls unclassified controlled related information.

Further I believe that the internal war which broke out within the NRC in September 2011 was a battle over the selection, use and public reporting of nuclear information. The battle claimed the NRC career of the NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko. My view at the time was that Americans were big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves, that, if Americans pulled their heads out of the sand, they could change the law, particularly the Atomic Energy Act. However, that’s Australian arrogance on my part.

Effectively, Jaczko wanted, in my view, more open discussion. The NRC members wanted less.

The Atomic Energy Act should be amended to mandate more open discussion, not less, and raw data should be released to independent institutes and researchers at the same time as the NRC receives it.

If that were the case, the US Media and the sources which feed it , would be as open in regard to nuclear news as it is (it claims) to any other news topic.

The Atomic Energy Act and associated US Laws basically compel a media conspiracy as the law stands at the present time.

Woe betide anyone who points this simple fact out. One does not need to be a Bush Lawyer to understand the relevant paragraphs of the Atomic Energy Act to see this. If the USA is a democracy, and if the role of government in a democracy is to make and amend laws, then the offending paragraphs of the Atomic Energy Act is a worthy target of concerted action by voters who believe these provisions in law are against the interests of open government and the public interest.

The era of the concept of “Born Secret” should be as dead as the Cold War. But it is not.