“Fukushima Now”, “Dateline”, SBS TV Australia 5 March 2013 – Spot the Beta Burns


Cattle as the “Miners’ Canary” , Where a fallout hazard exists, it may be evidenced by creatures in the open as external skin dose sign, indicating an inhalation, ingestion, wound ingress hazard. This was certainly the case in Navada and Utah in the 1950s, where cattle showed the same signs as the cattle filmed by SBS in the Dateline Fukushima program screened 5 March 2013. It is reprehensible that the Japanese nuclear authorities are so not concerned that the farmers have not been informed of the condition nor treatment and mitigation measures described.

The indications are that signs such as skin rashes, bleeding, flu like symptoms and sore eyes may follow in the human population, as also happened in Nevada and Utah school children down wind of Mercury Test Site in the 1950s, USA. See US Armed Forces Special Weapons Project extract at end of images.

The stills show a condition which was not strange to Australian farmers in Australia in the 1950s. Tex Condon of Broken Hill has told me, long before Fukushima happened, that after the fallout came repeatedly across from the West, he would go out with his father, who had to shoot sheep, in some numbers, periodically, after the damage had caused mouth, lip, tongue,and cancers in the stock. It had not happened substantially before the fallout, but it did, said Tex, sure happen after the fallout. The stock that are stuck outside and in the weather accumulate fallout on their skin, the canaries in the coal mine as a warning to the world, and the nukers just go quiet. Took decades for the US farmers to get an admission of these truths from their government. At least they one. We, and the Japanese are still waiting.

From the above document, available for download at http://www.hss.energy.gov/healthsafety/ihs/marshall/collection/data/ihp1d/18899e.pdf

(Pdf page – the page number given by Adobe acrobat, not the page number printed on the document)

pdf page 94, “It has long been a moot question whether in an intense
fall-out field the beta burn problem qould be the factor limiting the
period of exposure of personnel. CASTLE (Castle Bravo nuclear test program) provided an unexcelled oppartunity to observe such a situation.

Personnel receiving whole body gama doses of about 200 roentgens suffered no burns under the clothing except where the radioactive
material was carried by perspiration or body motion under a collar or cuff. Over unclothed areas of skin, however, burns were sufficiently severe to reduce the efficiency of personnel more than would be predicted from the exposure to the concomitment
gamma component. Thus, from CASTLE data has come the fairly defensible
statement that for well clothed personnel gamma measurements alone will suffice to determine effects to be expected and the permissible time of
period of exposure within, such an area.
(paul’s note: so long as the victims hold their breath, or are prepared for decades of legal fights with government as authorities deny the troops were treated as prototype Fukkushima residents. Like participants in the stilling failing attempt by nukers to “normalize” nuclear pollution as if it were exhaust from a Honda 50)

The Beta Hazard. The term “beta burn” as used here is damage to the skin by ionizing radiation. The radiations primarily effective for this phenomenon are beta particles and low energy gamma rays. !Thus, the term “beta burn”, as generally used Is a misnomer to the extent of the contribution by the low energy gamma or x-rays.

Skin burns occur when the quantity of rsdiatlon absorbed by the
living layers of skin exceeds a certain critical level. The flux of
radiation necessary to cause a given degree of skin damge depends upon
the energy and kind of radiation arriving In the critical area. The
thickness of the outer protective layer of dead tissues, plus the
atteuating effect of clothing, determines the radiation dose delivered
to the living tissues. ……

pp 95 The iweatlgators found that 2000 roentgen equivalent physical
(rep) is the minimum beta dose which Kill cause visible reddening of the ekln.

pp 96 8000 rep will cause blistering of the skin and temporary loss of hair.

Healing of ionizing radiation burns will be somewhat slower than from
thermal burns, but will probably be complete with no undue increase in
numbers of secondary Infections.

12,000 to 14,000 rep will cause deep
blistering followed by permanent scarring.

Until further work is reported, it appears that a value of 2000 rep should be considered the threshold dose for skin burns; ……..
end quote. So it goes on. The CDC describes beta burn as Local Radiation Injury (Skin Dose) and describes in greater detail the cyclic nature of the resultant permanent disease which sees old wounds reopened. The Marshall Islanders who suffered beta burn due to Sr89 at tolerance level were accepted by the USA as suffering a far greater skin cancer hazard than people who were not subject to the tender mercies of nuclear expertise. And in fact the grave yards of the Marshall Islands and the cause of death as held by authorities bear this out, though the relatives of the victims don’t need American proof after decades of initial denial and the false optimism reported in the 1950s that the people did not need plastic surgery so things were not that bad. Wrong.

Same tricks today issued from the same magicians.

The injury to Fukushima cattle has previously been reported from Japanese bloggers and reports : http://nuclearhistory.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/skin-lesions-livestock-a-few-kms-from-fukushima-diiachi/

The undeniable and admitted (late by some decades) callous disregard by US authorities is seen in the following records of declassified documents pertaining to cattle and sheep downwind of nuclear emissions in the USA in the 1950s:

Human beta burn Cutaneous Radiation Injury (CRI) http://www.bt.cdc.gov/radiation/criphysicianfactsheet.asp

Human beta burns:


In that era, anyone who knew the truth about these things and objected was called a communist. Today the nukers have a hard time with that term, they tend to abuse the aware by the misuse of medical concepts and jargon from the medical text DSMIV.

Whereas over the decades these despots have shown that they urgently need to be excluded from the civil society they seek to invade with their phony secrets and blatant lies. imo.