Food. Cesium compared to Potassium. in brief

A comparison of potassium and cesium.
1. Potassium and its radioactive isotope K40:
Potassium 40 (K40) Half life : 1.3 billion years. Natural abundance: 0.012% of all potassium is K40.
Radioactivity in Curies: 0.0000071 curies (per gram). Type of radiation emitted: Beta (energy 0.52 MEV), gamma energy 0.16 MeV).

2. Cesium 137 Isotope: Cs-137 half life: 30 years radioactivity in Curies: 88 (per gram) Beta (energy 0.19MeV) some gamma.

Is potassium a nutrient needed for life ? Yes
Is Cesium a nutrient needed for life ? No

Is the slight presence of the weakly radioactive potassium 40 an excuse for the presence of cesium 137 ? No.

If all the potassium was removed from planet earth and was replaced by Cesium 137, what would happen? All life on earth would die from lack of potassium and from the dose to Cesium 137 as a toxin and as a radionuclide.

Prior to the use of fission, there was 1 weak equilibrium dose in life – including humans – the dose resultant from K40 in soft tissue (equilbrium dose = uptake, storage, excretion, determined by the food chain presence of K40.

Since 1945 there has been two equilibrium doses to soft tissue in life – including humans – potassium 40 plus Cesium radionuclides, including Cesium 137.

Are bananas which are free of cesium contamination a rich source of potassium and a protector against Cesium uptake? Yes.

Does the United States use potassium fertilizer to reduce the cesium 137 contamination of test crops grown on Bikini Atoll ? Yes

Are these test crops much lower in radioactivity after being enriched with potassium than before? Yes. Much less. Cesium 137 is 100% cesium 137 Potassium is only 0.012% radio potassium which is much less radioactive than cesium 137.

The banana equivalent dose is a deception which attempts to justify cesium contamination of food by nuclear authorities. A more accurate equivalent is the cigarette equivalent dose, due to the fact that polonium and radio lead 210 is present in tobacco.

Protect yourself against cesium by minimising its uptake from food by eating clean potassium foods – like an uncontamination piece of banana – with your meals. In my earnest opinion.

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US reducing radioactivity of test crops on Bikini Atoll by using potassium fertilizer to block cesium uptake of plants:

The existence of bananas in no way justifies the presence of Cs isotopes in food. And nuclear industry knows this very well. The banana equivalent dose is a medico-legal ploy. The cigarette equivalent dose is more appropriate. Neither polonium or lead 210 in tobacco are nutrients of any benefit. The existence of Cesium 137 or 134 in food is no benefit in the same manner.

Eat a banana.

biochemical analogue – a substance which is biochemically similar (analogue does NOT mean “same as”) to a substance needed and used by the body.

Cesium is not needed by the body, it is a toxin.