Dr Yoko Yanagisawa Addressing Health Meeting, Jan 2013

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Yuko Yanagisawa
My name is Yanagisawa that has a bridge Niwabyoin physician .
Such park is very tense . Though I do not know if I speak well ,
Without that in the past the medical exposure , in clinicians mere ordinary , though I ‘m not an expert ,
Though , in the context of a hot spot and Fukushima , now
I think it seems like it is not very far from that of ” be safe ” .
Which is setting radiation basics of radiation protection ,
A that the very first one that if it is a danger that ” leave ” ,
From the time when the 20 mSv have problems
It ‘s I thought Academy of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology Society and say “It’s terrible how much anything ” he said.
But a place called did not say is , I think it seems like it is it would be really funny ,
Heavy but we know the difficulty of having to evacuate a lot even now ,

It is hoped that seems like it is not after all be referred to as ” good” .

This , for example, but is there such thing of ECG abnormalities of the handle ,
Although can not say easily of course that does not keep some under the influence of radiation immediately is this ,
Listen to this electrocardiogram result, no one was surprised , or that are expected ,
I would not have the impression of ” Just as I thought ” .

Though I think there was a movie called What Chernobyl Heart Chernobyl in it ,
That wonder what willl “the heart of Chernobyl ?” Why do not you think ,
Heart disease that were many really , though was such a movie ,
So , I mean is such that it can be expected .

In , it is expected , …
Although do not know now whether this is a relationship ,
You say You say “Is not it a ” , even though ,
In spite of it is known that this kind of thing that might be expected ,
For example, Yamashita teacher is doing , residents in health care research ,
Is not it is the reason you do not to do his electrocardiogram .

What do we not do ?
What’s wrong doing ?
Do not think I do it you were all right .
Is that you and why do not you put that I am all right , I think normally , this is anyone .
Tatte ‘m not doctor ,

Moreover, it is then test to be able to simplify anyone without invasive Nante electrocardiogram ,
Nor is high , and it but it is not fuckable .
I think ” if this is not done it why” seems like it is .

In , I think it ‘s not a wonder that , these things are also happening , although ‘m such thing this ,
In other words , is a lot to worry about until now , if you are looking at something in particular experience of Chernobyl after all ,
Well , it is just that I care ,
Is not it 5 years later Four years later , evacuation began in Chernobyl .
In , that I willl “Is not it happens Hora , Although I liked ” , it willl say this ,
But it is impossible .
I ‘m think that it is inhumane very .

If you are found that willl may be dangerous ,
What “It was dangerous after all ” , is not it is impossible to be well without taking measures to it .

Although good at it If nothing happens even ” may be dangerous ” ,
Do you got to if { when I got up ! ? Willl ”
Such thoughts does not it? .

In , really , and I mean not that … sorry ,
Where fundamental you are in this situation , There are people who are saying this is safe ,
Policy all right? Mean that proceed on the basis of it .

Omoto are saying it’s the safe , it is the epidemiological study of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ,
It is , but this is also teachers the authority of medical exposure very ,
I mean that ( evidence ) level is low evidence .
That the level of evidence on the basis of the low , and that chopping referred to as the ” safe ” is ,
The usually , is not it is impossible in our work .

What clinician , I am not be said .
By full that it is not known by as know , there willl be ” Yeah ~? ” Always ,
In such , by the mere of Hiroshima and Nagasaki low level of evidence ,
I think that itself that says that ” safe ” is , seems like it is have to say funny normally .

Multiple cysts

Though it is said that the ” multiple cysts ” ,
You ‘d think ” benign ” basically when I hear that a ” cyst ” we .
In , although I do not mind so much ,

It is frequently, do not look at the picture a little , and since I ‘m not expert at all
Although you may say that the bad shot ,

If I’m not that teachers who had seen that they said ? ” What ” .
If you have that , sometimes referred to as ” ? What ” , if you do not know a little ordinary ,
Even if the echo test first I is three or months later , because it may end up changing rapidly .
In , If it was fine in three months , well then I say “next six months I ” ‘s .
It also you were all right , because it is a slow speed
It is what normally to , the follow-up seems like it is “It is one year next” .

In , it could mean that these things are happening ,
It means ” ? Whether the perfunctory two years why ” .

It is moreover , in Chernobyl ,
When you went to the lecture of Mr. Sugaya this before ,
The apparently doing an echo test every year, such as six months still in Chernobyl ,
Sugaya when Miss listen to me ? ” I’m doing so much why ” ,
The phrase ” because I said doctor of Japan ‘s white layer” .

In is not it is the reason you do not know at all is that ” whether the perfunctory two years in Japan why” .

I would want to do things the ordinary really .
I have participated in the recreation project in Chiba after ,
Recreation project though I was finished recently ,
Although I’d like to talk a little problem of evacuation ,
That difficulties in the evacuation of person , I have been doing a very narrow the recreation project in Chiba from a year ago .

I ‘m there are people who have been evacuated are killed a year ago . The Boso .
However, such a person becomes very tight , talk of ” want to go back ” even if them being ,
And really tough situation , that after that do this thing in the individual seems like it is Na very difficult ,
I I think every time you listen to people of Fukushima .

This is not me be clear to see that ” not safe ” after all , can not go beyond that .
In I think that you can not prove that willl ” safe ” .
Is there to say the epidemiological study low level of evidence ,
The only epidemiological study of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ,
I ‘m think this is a translation that is not suitable for exposure to low-dose long-term .

So I do not have to say that the ” unsafe ” that is , though ‘m a role of doctor really ,
Although really do not know , what to do for that it has not accomplished ,
I think I want to keep I would also be many doctors are not ripe .

It then seems in my hospital ,
If you are think so also fellow made ​​of the mailing list for everything ,
It is hoped that seems like it is ” do for what ” .

That evacuation is difficult as well , but enter the known heavy people ,
But I think that it does not have to say any number of times that the ” unsafe ” after all .

And , What is , to say the Fukushima and “What does not become an unexpected needs ” in drama this year …

It ‘s right , “What does not become an unexpected needs ,” said
I think do not have to say after all is seems like it is a state of the Fukushima now .
So , It is a problem of this evacuation ,

And then I think that it seems like it is not ” too late now” ,
Every person is the reason that ” the life of a child is the future” and anyway . Our .
Want to act as one really to protect this .
You want and what you can do .

It’s really come to All this , though I was humbled and very ,
After all , in the hope that this will want to if it can be for me, I attended today .
This …
I can not believe a court .
Although really incredible ,
I want to appeal to the person of the judge . You want them doing that to protect the life of a child really ,
You wanted to do at one point that thing ,
I’m sorry really , we also and is said doctors with the devil in Fukushima ,
I think that it is the most , but I will continue doing my best at that is not so .

Each that I can do that also with respect to that of the evacuation , at each location ,
It is hoped that seems like it is like to doing as a doctor .