“Fukushima Heroes Actually Fled in Fear” : Murdoch Press

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/fukushima-heroes-actually-fled-in-fear/story-fnb64oi6-1226926883925#mm-premium The Australian , Friday May 23, 2014 print edition page not given (typical), first page of “World” Section. “Fukushima heroes fled during meltdown” . Interesting variation from the NYT piece on the same topic (below). At the end of the article in the Australian, the following is added: “It was noon before the workers started to return. In that time, just 69 people were on the site, venting radioactive steam from reactor No. 2, and tackling a fire at reactor No. 4.”

1. Nice to know that the world industry that has since 2011 labelled people seeking the truth and responding as best they can in Japan and around the world to the crisis as being “irrational, unqualified, radiophobes”, has been in fact the ones fasting truthphobia, public awareness phobia, and congential deceptive behaviour, whereas those with the most knowledge at the site, in the vast majority, fled in panic from the danger they KNEW to be present as a lethal danger despite the 50 years of propaganda spooned out to a gormless media and public.

2. “tackling the fire at reactor No.4” : Ever since the the disaster occurred in March 2011, nuclear industry officials and their political subordinates in government and political parties, the media and propagandists on the net have flatly denied that any significant radio-nuclide exhaust escaped from the reactors. If the reactor 4 was on fire, and if the the reactor containment was sealed, why did the fire a. take hold 2. emit radio-nuclide exhaust? In fact, despite the protestations of nuclear dictators around the world, it was not the reactor No 4 which was on fire, it was the spent fuel pool which was venting radio nuclide exhaust directly into the open air.
3. At the time the world industry and media and politicians were a. calling the people of Japan “unqualified radiophobes” the experts were fleeing for their lives in panic and all the while nuclear authorities were withholding the fallout cloud path data from the people of Japan and the world.

Who in their right mind would trust such bastards?