The radioactivity of Cesium 137 and Potassium 40

1. Potassium and its radioactive isotope K40:
Potassium 40 (K40) Half life : 1.3 billion years. Natural abundance: 0.012% of all potassium is K40.
Radioactivity in Curies: 0.0000071 curies (per gram). Type of radiation emitted: Beta (energy 0.52 MEV), gamma energy 0.16 MeV).

2. Cesium 137 Isotope: Cs-137 half life: 30 years radioactivity in Curies: 88 (per gram) Beta (energy 0.19MeV) some gamma.

Is potassium a nutrient needed for life ? Yes
Is Cesium a nutrient needed for life ? No

Is the slight presence of the weakly radioactive potassium 40 an excuse for the presence of cesium 137 in food? No. Cesium 137 is effluent from nuclear industry. Potassium is a nutrient needed for life.

Does having potassium present in the diet protect against or reduce the uptake of, Cesium 137 in food ? Yes.

Are bananas which are free of cesium contamination a rich source of potassium ? Yes.

Does the United States use potassium fertilizer to reduce the cesium 137 contamination of test crops grown on Bikini Atoll ? Yes

Are these test crops much lower in radioactivity after being enriched with potassium than before? Yes. Much less. Cesium 137 is 100% cesium 137 Potassium is only 0.012% radio potassium which is much less radioactive than cesium 137.

The banana equivalent dose is a deception which attempts to justify cesium contamination of food by nuclear authorities. A more accurate equivalent is the cigarette equivalent dose, due to the fact that polonium and radio lead 210 is present in tobacco.

Every life form on earth has an internal K40 equilibrium dose.

The additional industry imposed equilibrium dose of Cesium 137 is an additional body burden and an imposed additional risk to each individual.

No industry deception proposed counters the obligation held by nuclear authorities to restrain from contaminating the biosphere with nuclear effluents.

The Age of the Earth: ” The age of 4.54 billion years found for the Solar System and Earth is consistent with current calculations of 11 to 13 billion years for the age of the Milky Way Galaxy (based on the stage of evolution of globular cluster stars) and the age of 10 to 15 billion years for the age of the Universe (based on the recession of distant galaxies).”

Half Life of Potassium 40 = 1.3 billion years.

Age of the Species Homo Sapiens = “Our species of humans first began to evolve nearly 200,000 years ago in association with technologies not unlike those of the early Neandertals. It is now clear that early Homo sapiens, or modern humans, did not come after the Neandertals but were their contemporaries….Finally, can we say what direction human evolution will take in the future? This is a fascinating question to consider but impossible to answer because of innumerable unknown factors. Though, it is certain that we will continue to evolve until we reach the point of extinction. ”

Nuclear authorities have used all sorts of justifications for their actions – the emission of nuclear effluent – over many decades. These justifications are all demonstrably bullshit. As is, clearly, their propaganda concept of the “banana equivalent dose”.

Similarly, the industry statement that it must redress what it alleges is a serious and negative “reduction” in natural background radiation for the sake of humanity – by increasing the rate of nuclear effluent emission – is clearly false. A primary dietary source of internal dose to life – K40, with it’s very dilute concentration, weak energy level, low rate of decay and long half life of 1.3 billion years, has in fact remained a constant equilibrium within the fabric of the body of Homo Sapiens throughout the species 200,000 year life on earth.

Teller and the rest of the gang have left quite a bloody mess. And it’s getting worse.